Bio/Artist Statement


James Vogler was born in New Jersey and received his BA in Painting from Kean University in 1976. He continued his education in the Masters Art History program at Rutgers University and later in the Masters Painting program at Kean University. While working for the next 10 years as an art installer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, he continued to paint and develop his style of abstraction. In 1991, he and his family moved to Vermont to pursue new careers.  Since returning to painting full time in 2007, Vogler has exhibited works widely in the New England region, New York and Canada. Working largely in oil on canvas, he continues to draw upon his personal experience and surroundings for inspiration in his work.

                                         ARTIST’S STATEMENT

  I am interested in investigating relationships between abstracted forms, shapes, color and light.  Often there is a cartoon aspect to the forms, which I feel compelled to include. The combinations of these elements infuse my work with a curious ambiguity. 


                                                   James Vogler
                                              1510 Hinesburg Road
                                               Charlotte, VT 05445